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best protein powder for weight loss Evo Shake

I gathered my girlfriends and we started researching for the best protein powder for weight loss. I and a few of my girl mates were looking for a premier protein powder that can replace two of our meals per day. Our plan to follow was to cut down on some calories a day without affecting our daily performance.  We felt that “Juicing it” in the morning it wasn’t enough to keep our tummies full and our bodies strong. In order to have more condition in our workout sessions we needed a low carb protein powder that can power us with all the nutrients and energy we need to keep up our active lifestyles.

The protein shakes sold at the gym are for muscle building, high in caffeine weight loss drinks, and energy drinks. Most protein shakes made you gain muscle mass and personally I was not specifically looking for that. We needed a pure protein shake that will keep our weight down and our confidence up.

EvoShake low carb protein powder

I am glad that I was able to gather up my mates and we finally found something that will help us out in staying healthy, active, without the effect of feeling any body crashes of malnutrition. Thanks to this premier protein powder we can take care of our health and body without starving. We get all of our vitamins and calcium essentials in this meal replacement powder. Other weight loss drinks have many additives, high milligrams in caffeine and for been a weight loss drink, some had too much grams of sugar.

I found that this low carb protein powder does help me cut off any sweet cravings and keep me full for much more hours. Drinking this pure protein shake helps to control my appetite between meals. I snack between meals small portions of healthy nutty protein and veggies to keep my metabolism going. Click here to visit Official website to find out more.

EvoShake is pure protein shake

Have a sweet tooth? Well aren’t most of all guilty for that, I know I am. Not to worry EvoShake have you covered; now you can enjoy tasting from a marvel of colors-Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla you choose! Guess the calories? Yes, you are right. Only 222 Calories is the magic number and this is with added portion of Semi-Skim milk that you can add if you want to enhance the taste of your low carb protein powder shake. EvoShake is the best protein powder for weight loss that supplies your body all it needs for energy and nutrition while losing weight.  Bring this meal replacement powder to your kitchen to make your whey pure protein shake in the morning for nutrition. If you are into a serious commitment to losing weight and inches, then add this EvoShake best protein powder for weight loss a dinner meal.

Who said that a meal replacement powder has to be boring?

People that hear weight loss drinks probably think nothing much of it. My gals and I are firm to do well in our health regime having to try out EvoShake we were stunt to find out that a low carb protein powder shake can taste so delicious. Personally, my favorite is the Strawberry flavored. My best friend is a sucker for chocolate while my other three musketeer mates they are a hooked on Vanilla-they mention it taste like that ice cream they wish to eat daily but that have to avoid often.  What a deal, EvoShake is a pure protein powder shake with 3 tasty flavors to choose from.

evo shake meal replacement powder

EvoShake premier protein shake contains only 222 calories which takes into consideration the semi-skimmed milk used to mix the drink. I think this is amazing! My friends agree and feel equal satisfaction when consuming their weight loss drinks. We have all recommended this drink low card, protein powder to others at the gym and at work. I get asked by my peers how do I maintain my weight? And I tell them I am currently taking the best protein powder for weight loss –EvoShake. I also let them know alongside consuming my weight loss drinks, I exercise too.

Drinking this makes me feel vital, energetic, and active. I do not have any issues with health or digestive problems. Before having a plan for a balance diet and exercise, I will consume about 800 calories in the morning meal alone. Based on my height and BMI I have to consume 1,500 calories per day. It was obvious that the excess of the calories that I in took more on a daily basis was going to cause me overweight besides other health complications. Visit Official Website Here.

Main Evolutionary Ingredients


Skimmed Milk Powder, Whey, Green Coffee Extract, Acai Berry Extract, Guarana

+PLUS Vitamins defined in alphabetical order

Vitamin A-   aids in all the functions in your body from nervous, reproductive and immune system

B1-also known as thiamine, it burns carbs as energy helping to strength all functions of the heart, muscles, and nervous system

B2- this vitamin AKA riboflavin assist the body into breaking down all food that you intake and giving you high natural energy

B3- most popular for name Niacin benefits your circulatory system to run up and down more smoothly avoiding cholesterol levels that can cause more severe health issues such as any cardiovascular problems and/or stroke

B5- you might have heard of pantothenic acid but it might be easier and quicker to remember it as B5. This vitamin besides making your food turns into energy, its targets mainly to grow new cells and rejuvenate dying, unhealthy ones. This allows for your skin to naturally become young and to glow. Enough for everyone to notice

B6 – This is my favorite vitamin. This famous B6 helps out any intelligent brain to secrete hormones that help us to be happy campers. It lifts us our mood and reliefs us from negative stress and fatigue. If we keep bad stress away it helps up to

D3- It is essential for all people to consume in order to maintain strong and rigid bones; Calcium is better absorbed by your body when D3 is present

Vitamin E- maintains and restores every function of your immune system and that includes every internals organs, muscles, and cell production

How to do your weight loss drinks

Add 1 scoop of your EvoShake best protein powder for weight loss to a 16oz. Semi-Skimmed milk blend until fully mixed.

1 Scoop = 1 Meal

-Replacing one meal you will experience good weight loss

If you replace 2 meals + moderate exercise

-You will drop weight and inches faster than the speed of light!

Check it out yourself, weight loss guaranteed- its good stuff.

Select the price in your currency

3 tubs of your favorite flavor of choice

USD: $51.00  $77.00

EUROS:  €45.00

*Visit EvoShake official website once you are in the web page-scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the white box to select your currency. And also you can check out the price and how much money you are saving!

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Fun facts of this best protein powder for weight loss

EvoShake is a vegan product or vegetarian however you wish to call it. The wonders of this pure protein shake are that it can replace from one to two meals you would like. Take control of your weight and your life. No need to spend unnecessary extra time in the kitchen when you have a life full of responsibilities. Care for your well-being by taking this vegan product that will supply you with all of the vitamins, calcium and essentials that your body needs to perform in a day. Since you will lose plenty of weight your mood will change, your sleeping habits will better and the tension will be no more. No matter the kind of duties we have within our day if we feel good we will project that in a big fat smile. It has never been so easy to lose weight and to maintain it.

Depression, fatigue, insomnia, bad temper- all of this are caused mainly by lack of vitamins in the brain. Being overweight even with a few pounds more than your ideal weight can cause a toll for worst. Not having this neurological symptoms treated with a good nutrition supplement, such as this pure protein powder, it can make your symptoms more severe in the long run. Life is based on the decisions and you can make a good choice today. Care and love the only body that you will live in for the rest of your existence. In just days you will feel the difference how drinking your best protein powder for weight loss benefits you.  And everyone will notice because you will show your magnificent results.


In Conclusion

I believe that EvoShake is the best protein powder for weight loss and it is a perfect meal replacement powder that substitutes high calorie carb foods. I do not always have time to run to the store, buy food, and prepare the food at home. Drinking my weight loss drinks makes me save time because it is real fast to make. I just add a scoop of my Strawberry Sensations tub I blend my shake at breakfast time before my workout sessions and in the evening for dinner I blend another protein shake.

Furthermore, not spending much time in the kitchen makes me focus on work, family, doing errands and to do other things that can help me to work on myself. Please help yourself gather your mates and share this valuable information. Make this your first step into well-being and health. Subscribe to our page by leaving your email address to receive future product reviews. And again don’t forget to share this article with your mates. Finally, you can click on below banner if you wish to visit official website. Also to Purchase this amazing product.


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I love this weight loss shakes. It is really working for me. Thank you healthytabs for recommending this product. A++++